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Thank you both for prayers. This is really hard for her and me. She will be 73 this month and she likes to get up and go as much as possible but she is in so much pain that she can't do much. I wish the doctor would give her something better for her pain. She is on percocet and it just isn't helping. I have never fractured a vertebrae but I guess that has to be painful. She is hanging in there though. I really hope here doctor sends her to my PM doctor since I know and trust her completely. Plus she had excellent bedside manner and lots of compassion. The last PM she saw-not so much. The are recommending a shot I have never heard of it sounds something like calcium. Has anyone heard of this? If so what is it?
Dee I just wanted you to know that I will keep you and your Mother in my prayers. I know what you mean about the percocet because I don't think they help either.