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hi again,thanks for giving interest in my,..I guess help add.just so you know the morph; is for pleasure,well i think I need it to feel me now,so not so much pleasure anymore.I also take percocet,endocet and tylenol 3's to go with the morp;but can go without them its really the phine;thats the problem its hard to keep a good relationship with.About the doctor would that blackball me so maybe in the future if I am in pain i willnt be able to get help with the rite meds?I would like to try and wean myself off but everytime I try I get rite back to it again the sickness is bad,I have to take a daily dose if I dont watch out it gets bad.
the only thing is,is that i have a legitimate reason to take percocet, I am a chronic migraine sufferer have been for years and they are prescribed,but the morph; I really dont need,and I think that is what keeps me from ratting myself out,'cause I don't want it to interfere with my treatment.But now when I come off the phine; they seem more intense.this is the hardest thing I've had to face in my life and I hope it really does get easier,I am down to only two-three hundred mg's a day and want to try for only 50mg daily you guys got any suggestions on how to cut it down slowly,just enough to stave off sickness?thanks for the help!