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I am so very tired of this. Everything I do/more like do not do revolves around pain and my back issues. I just showered and had to stand for 5 minutes to get one leg of my jammy pants on. UGH Now, I need to go out and take the trash out, to prepare for t hat I just took 2 percocet. Sorry to whine, but I live alone, and have no help. It is just very hard.
If it were not for my dog, I dont think I would bother. She is my faithful companion, but she does not get walks, or the fun that she used to, as I am in pain. Thank goodness sdhe is older now and sleeps alot. I have to take her to the vet, and am wondering how I will drive/sit in the waiting room ,ect. I know all of you are in pain as well, and I just thought you would understand. I dont mean to be negative, and I am grateful for the things I do have, but sometimes I get down. :confused::(