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Hi Diamond Girl,
I've been on Suboxone since Dec. 17th, 2007. 5 1/2 months clean off of percocet 10mg which was killing me mentally and physically. Thank God for this drug. My doc started me out with (3) 8mg a day. That was way too much. I can now actually get by with 1mg a day I think. I've gone up & down with them & the more mg's I take the sleepier I get. I've never gotten high or energy from them. But as to the antidepressant--I personally take Xanax 1mg at night. It does not interfere with the subs as far as I can tell. But your body knows if you are on the right mg of suboxone, believe me. I have been experimenting with them per my doctor. She said to do whatever made me feel normal. You may need 2 to 4mg more. The 1mg Xanax is not an antidepressant but similar. I've never been addicted to them. Been taking the same amount since 1996. (12 years) Never anymore never any less. Please let me know if I've helped at all.