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If you are taking every day then you are addicted. The fact that you have the structure to not take any while working is a good sign. But you are treading a very dangerous line here. Why not stop while you still have some control? I understand how you love the pills. We all had/have a love affair with the pills. My pills were my best friend. Since you are questioning whether you are addicted, you probably know the answer. The direction you are going can only lead to a bad place.

I have the same fears for my husband. He has been taking percocet for 2 years. I think he probably takes them 4 days a week. He doesn't tell me much anymore because I quit taking them (I am now on suboxone). I have noticed over the past month or so, he has taken more than usual. I don't know how he does it, but he forces himself to take breaks. He goes through withdrawals for a couple of days until he takes more pills. Can't imagine constantly feeling withdrawal pains.

Quit while you have the strength. There is no good to come from this situation.