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I'm new here...and hope you all can help.

I have been on painkillers (up to about 120-130 mgs/day, as prescribed, combined oxycontin and percocet) for the past year for severe hip pain. 8 days ago I had THR surgery, and am rehabbing now at home. I had tapered down to about 50-60mgs/day before my surgery so I would have better pain control after the surgery.

now I am post-op and my doses went back up to around 150mgs/day while in the hospital and while at home, combined oxycodone IR and percocet. I also added oxycontin a few days out b/c I was taking the max of oxycodone IR every 3 hours -- felt very addictive. now it is just oxycontin and percocet. in the past few days I have pulled myself back down to ~120mgs/day of combined oxycontin and percocet, although I feel an extra 20-40/day would help me more.

I have probably 25 oxycontin left, maybe 40 percocet, and maybe 40 vicodin (which I haven't yet started using -- those are supposed to be my "step-down" drug when I run out of the stronger narcs).

I was open with the surgical team before my surgery about my daily use and have not misused or abused these drug (although I think I use too much due to tolerance and would like to take less).

I am desperate to taper down lower. I do not want to be on this high a dose and then be cut off by my surgeon (who was NOT the one prescribing for me pre-op) just because he decides I should done. I don't believe he has any idea about tapering or tolerance or any of this stuff.

how am I going to do this? I feel like I ran out of strength to taper any more, having gone through it for weeks and weeks before surgery, and now I am having trouble differentiating between post-op pain and the pain of decreasing my opiates. I just don't feel like I can cope with post-op pain and trying to cut my dose. but I also know that the prescribing period for this kind of surgery is usually around 2-3 weeks, maybe a month, so I think my surgeon will decide in a few weeks that I am "done", and stop prescribing (although I don't know this for a fact).

I am a recovering addict/alcoholic and was 20 years sober prior to this, apart from a couple of other surgeries in the past 5 years where I had to use pain meds.

please help! I don't know where to begin and just fear I will end up in CT and will not be able to cope with my family or the rehabbing I have to do following my surgery. I feel very scared because I just don't seem to have any strength left to fight the cravings or the need for pain meds.
I would just take 10 mg less a day..Until your down to were you should be..I dont know what else to say! I too am persribed the oxycontin with percocet ....Good luck to you!