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I can't thank you enough for taking the time to reply to my post. You have helped put my mind at ease a bit, although I think I'll be on edge for awhile about this, just waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak!

I haven't heard back from my urologist yet and I left him a message yesterday morning. He's usually really good about calling back in the same day so I think if I don't hear from him today I'll call him again tomorrow. I just want to make sure I talk to him about this before he hears it from someone else. My primary doc was very understanding about things and hopefully he will be too!

I do know that this guy will report me or check on me or whatever it is he can do. He was really pissed off because I kept trying to give him my docs contact info, my medical history, etc, and he didn't want to hear any of it. He was quite upset about things... when my mom got there he took into my room and told me to "talk to her about what's going on and he'd come back and talk to her after I was done". I told him no way - that I had nothing to say to her that I didn't want him to hear so he stayed... I was trying to explain things and he kept interrupting just about everything I said and was very rude to my mom as well. At one point I said that I just wanted help and that he wasn't helping me.. boy did that upset him... he very clearly stated (in a loud voice) that they did "treat me" and didn't turn me away. I know he was making it clear that he didn't break the law because he did see me and I wasn't turned away from coming into the ER, although I was turned away from any help in my opinion (very scary if this were a real kidney stone). So yeah, I *know* he reported me. I was so flustered in trying to give him my kidney stone history that I forgot to mention the major surgery I had in March!

One thing that may work against me is that I did try to stop taking pills and was on suboxone for a little while. If they see that they could just assume I'm an addict... but then again, like I've said I have had a lot of surgeries recently and for a good deal of the time I did need meds, but at the same time I'm not denying that I have a problem here with taking meds when I don't need them and/or taking too many at once. And this information has been on file in that triplicate database thing this whole time so hopefully they've already reviewed it and okay'd it... I think the only reason it would be okay'd would be due to the multiple surgeries I've had. I had that abdominal one in March, but with the kidney stone I had in February of this year I had to have 3 stent surgeries for it because of problems and complications.

There are times with a kidney stone that I have needed stronger meds than norco or percocet and ironically I hate going to the ER each time that happens - it's just too long of a wait and the pain is too awful to wait that long so I would like to have something stronger on hand to take in those cases, but I don't think I'd ask my doctor for anything like that because I honestly don't know if I'd take it when I don't need it or abuse it. It's funny though because at one point about a year ago my primary gave me a small prescription for Dilaudid and when I took it I didn't get any sort of high from it, but whenever I've had the IV form of it I get high as a kite. Funny how that works...