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[COLOR="Magenta"]I am doing well and trying not to over do anything. My hubby has taken over the "wifely duties" very well. I know it is driving him nuts but he hasn't complained once. I love him for that! So I am getting great support at home and from the rest of my family and friends! I think that is a very important aspect of healing properly. If you don't have support I can see how your recovery can be limited.
As for the pain level....lets just say when i forget to take a dose I can sure feel it, woe mamma. So sticking to your pain management regimin is of the utmost importance! I am taking 2 percocet every 4 hours right now and that is all. So much better than the 40 mg of Morphene sulphate and Tylenol #3 for break through pain as I was taking before!!! I was also on Fetenol Patches at the end. So I am so greatful for that.
As far as healing, my incision is healing nicely. I did have a mishap and it opened up on me twice, i think from moving around in my sleep, but that has resolved now. My surgeon did not use stitches or staples, just butterfly strips and I can't say enough how great my incision looks! No stitches or staples is the way to go if you can do it. You have to be a little more careful but so worth it, for me anyhow!