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Hello all,

I am battling a dependence problem with oxycodone 15mg. It has been almost a year that I have been on opiate medication. I was on Percocet 10/325 for about 6 months and then switching to Oxycodone 15mg for another 6 months. My doctor supplies me with 120 pills a month of each prescription, and I have no medical condition. I originally started taking them for a case of meningitis, but I got rid of it in about a week, however. I have been taking the prescriptions ever since. I really want to stop taking the drugs because it is effecting my life dramatically. My relationship with my fiance is no longer stable, but with many problems. Luckily, the dependence problem is cheap because 120 pills are only $72.00. The financial part of it isn't the problem, it's me. I have tried quitting once or twice but the withdrawal symptoms were just too great. I had constant diarrhea and was not eating. I submitted and the second I took oxycodone every withdrawal effect went away. I need help, and I am serious about it. I was able to get 8mg suboxone from a friend to help detox myself, but I am scared to try it because I am afraid that I may return to the oxycodone. I need some serious support and help and if anyone can have some input it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!!

-Your Friend-