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how to taper off percocets
To ska1974,

Please keep monitoring your question. There are many wonderful people on this forum who can help, not only in regard to the taper but for invaluable support during tapering and withdrawals. Fourth of July and the weekend means things might be slow on here.

My own personal advice to you is to remain on this and other websites for information and support. Knowledge gained will help you understand what might happen in your quest to get off percocets.

I do know that more information will be needed, such as how long you have been using percocets, what was (is) your daily intake, and can you have someone hold the pills during tapering. Also, how many do you have for the taper process. Please respond to your own post with these answers.

My very best to you,

Hi, I am beginning my perc taper today so maybe we can detox together. I am using the detox recipe at the top of this board and tapering 5 mg. percocet a day. i presently take 5 10mg tablets a day. I know that doesn't seem like very many but i am physically addicted and love the feeling of well being. When i ran out early one month my doc put me on 49 per week. I have been taking 6 or 7 a day. I don't even know who i am with out the percs. I have been on them for over 4 years. I am also a recovering alcoholic and had 10 years of sobriety when i started abusing the percs. I have had periods of sobriety of 9 months, 6 months, and 30 days a couple of times. I have about 37 days of sobriety now.

So I am going to taper 5 mg a day and will be clean by 7/16/08. Today is 7/6/08. I am using the detox plan, I have used it before and it works. I am also using aleve and increasing my wellbutrin and taking 1500 mg l-tyrosene to aleviate the pain and depression. In the past the "blahs" were terrible and went on for weeks. The l-tyrosene really helps.

My goals are:

#1 To be clean, to be free from percocet, truly clean and sober.
#2 To stop the constipation. I go every 5 days! It is so unhealthy having all that waste in my body.
#3 I won't have to take these pills every 4 or 5 hours. (If I wait to long or forget my pills, i get the akey brakeys)
#4 I will be the real me.

I hope i helped. At any rate you can find me here each day as i taper. I need the support and feedback of the people on this board. Thanks.