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Hi, I'm 42 yr old male diagnosed with rupture and bulge between L4 and L5. Some amount of arthritis is present in the area as well. I’ve read many of your posts and see that pain manifest differently for each person for similar injury. I’m curious to know what type (description) of pain you have experienced, treatment and results? I’m early in my treatment process and would like to validate and manage my treatment with consideration of the facts from others.

1. Initial visit to Dr produced X-Ray followed by MRI. Narcotic pain (Percocet), anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer prescribed.

2. Muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory were discontinued on second visit because they were not producing positive results

3. epidural steroid on third meeting

4. Follow-up to epidural – no change in pain. .

5. Dr decides to do another epidural (going in from the side to better reach front epidural space. During this procedure, the Dr hit the nerve and strong shocks, extreme pain were felt

6. I have the follow-up to second epidural next week. I can say already that it did not help. My pain scale is currently a 7 or 8 without percocet and 3 to 4 with Percocet. However, I’ve been cutting back on the narcotic. Side effects from narcotic is short temper and irritability.

7. my pain description: Feels like a very strong person or vise is squeezing my lower spine. The pain is constant, chronic and always occupies my mind. Quality of life is impaired.

Please post your type of pain, treatment and results… recommendations and insights are appreciated!