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I understand what you are going through because I am tapering too. Stop kicking yourself in the butt, and get back on your taper. If i can do it, so can you.

I haven't told my doc not to give me anymore, but because I took too many one month, now she only gives me 49 a week. I plan to tell her as soon as i finish my taper and flush the pills, which will be on the 17th of June. I take the prescribed amount, 7 a day. I have fibromyalgia, a chronic painful illness that will never go away, so why not keep taking the percocets and stop the taper. After all, I'm not really doing anything wrong am I?

1. I am sick and tired of being chained to taking a pill every 5 hours. And the temptation to take more than the prescribed amount--and blow my 30+ days of sobriety.
2. I am sick and tired of relapsing on alcohol, which i truly believe stems from me taking the percs (and valium which i am also tapering.)
3. I am sick and tired of not being me. the real me.
4. I am ready to learn to deal with the pain. Pain is not going to kill me. I will take a friggin aleve; I don't need an opiate.
5. I have the body and the mind of an addict. Period. I have used up my right to chemical peace of mind.

Think of the reasons why you want to quit. and take it one hour at a time
I have experienced life clean and sober and it beats getting a buzz off an extra percocet all to hell.

I hope I helped. I hope you get back on your taper.

Hey A,

I'm about to go thru my taper off of morphine & percocet. I don't think there has ever been anything, in my life, that has been so overwhelming. You need to stop looking at the whole taper process and do it hour by hour, minute by minute if you have to. There definitely have been MANY days that I've had to do it minute by minute. It sounds stupid to say that out loud but on really bad days you just have to do it like that, otherwise you won't get thru it. And besides the way you were talking it sounded like you had done something awful and unforgivable. You haven't done anything like that AT ALL. There is nothing here that is unforgivable. You need to stop thinking so far into the future. Stop wondering if you are going to refill your prescription when this one runs out. Unless it's running out today STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. You are overwhelming yourself for no reason. Take it one step at a time instead of trying to plan the whole thing out. If you really want/need it planned out then have your doctor plan it out and you just follow it step by step.

In regards to the surgery Bella was 100% correct. You MUST tell your doctor and anesthesiologist EXACTLY how much you take and how often. Don't worry about them judging you. That's not why you're telling them. But you could easily die if they give you the wrong dose of medicine because they didn't know about your "little habbit" (so to speak).

Do whatever you have to do to keep yourself strong. Eliminate people and things in your life that might be bringing you down & surround yourself with only people and things that lift you up. One thing I've done to help lift myself up when I'm feeling low is I made a poster board and put a bunch of pictures on it of my best friends (or family members) that help me to stay strong or just pictures of things that help lift me up, whatever that may be. And then I bring it out on really bad days and it helps me feel so much better. It doesn't sound like it would help much but it really does. It helps you to know that you will be able to have that happy, healthly life again one day when you're not on the pills.

In regards to the LDS comment, it doesn't matter your religion. Pills don't discriminate. Just because you are a religious person doesn't make being hooked on pills any worse than if you weren't religious. I grew up LDS and I swear to you I've probably known just as many LDS people that are hooked on pills than LDS people that aren't. Pills don't care what your religion is. And you shouldn't get off the pills because you belong to a certain religion that judges you for being on them. You should get off the pills for you. To be healthier and happier.

Sorry if I've rambled. I hope at least one thing I said has helped. I hope you get back on your taper and succeed! We'll all be here to help with those nasty "speed bumps" along the long road to recovery.

Big hugs,

P.S. Stop using the word "fraud". You are NOT a fraud just because you messed up on your tapering. You fell off the horse. All you have to do is get right back on and keep going. You CAN do this!
It IS scarey to me to think of never having a pain pill again. But I can do it one day, today. I know it sounds dumb. but it works. If i don't take that first pill, i won't get messed up/crave more/take more/have to detox for the 5th time.

I remember once when i was going to quit drinking. And then we made some plans with 2 other couples for a weekend getaway. I was bummed out that i wasn't going to be able to "party"! So i got drunk in January over a vacation to be taken in June. When the time came, i was the only woman drinking heavily and even the guys got tired of my behavior. So there ya go, I am an alcoholic and i can't don't drink like normal people. (I did finally achieve long term sobriety but relapsed after i got hooked on percocet) And i am addicted to percocet and dependent on valium and i can't take them and control my usage.

For me there is no chemical peace of mind. It is a lie. jmho.