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Hello countrywife,

Pleased to meet you. I only have one piece of advice for you. Go tell your doctor (the initial doctor that gave you your first RX) that you have this problem. Tell him/her everything - you'd be surprised how empathetic your doctor can be.

When you say 30 Oxycodone's/day, do you mean Oxycontin 10mgs or Percocet 10/325 (Oxycodone with Acetaminophen)? Its important to know which one, cause one of them could be VERY dangerous if you're taking 30 a day. Percocet has the tylenol in it, and could cause you liver damage if you're taking that much per day - I know this cause I did just as many as you at one point, and got really sick from liver counts being WAY too high.

We're here for you countrywife - there are alot of wonderful people on this board - so many with knowledge and wisdom (Reach, that one was for you ;)) so think about telling your doctor, its important that you have a taper in plan.

As for your hubby refusing to hold your pills, I can imagine why. I have a wonderful supportive husband who is standing right beside me (I'm leaving for Rehab on the 21st) - but there were times that, while I was going through withdrawal, last year (this all came out last fall) I would beg and plead to my hubby to give me more. We'd end up arguing but he "didn't" give me anymore. Thats how he was supportive :) I'm going to assume you made it hard for your hubby eh? So hard that he finally gave in but got mad and stopped wanting to help? We addicts know all the right things to say, and when there are drugs to be had, we can turn into this vicious beast. That beast is the addiction.

Well my dear, you have a choice to make...

Do you really want to stop? Do you want help to get clean?

It has to be your decision, but I strongly reccommend you go talk to your doctor, ask for help and ask for a taper plan that can be stretched out so you can avoid the violent w/d's.

Good luck, we're all here to help and to guide you along the way :)

Love and hugs,