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I stopped counting the days... i think today is day 7. I have been feeling really good. I haven't taken any pills and yes they are still in the house. And yes i have had significant pain. I talked to my aa sponsor about it, I wanted to see if i should flush them or give them to her and her only give them to me when my pain level is high. She said I should see if i can keep them and take 5 mg instead of 10 only as needed. I haven't been craving them. Haven't really thought about it much except when i am a lot of pain. I know it sounds like trying to drink alcohol socially when you are an alcoholic. But I did take my percocet as directed: 7 mg per day. It is just that i was on them for so long that i didn't even know my pain level and they were giving me a feeling of well being. There was a time in the past that i did take them to get high. So i am just being honest here. Let me know what you think. Hey, and thanks again for the support.