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Can anyone help on 2.5 days of coming off percocet 10/325 how long does the phyiscal withdrawl last? I have no insurance and a in hab place is not an option for me . Please help
Blondie, thanks for elaborating.

Do you need the pain pills, or are you just at the point (like so many others), where you have been using them for so long you have just grown dependent on them? Please be aware that I am not judging, I have seen this happen many, many times to many good people. You start out, like you said, just on some lower level vicodans, then move up to a higher level percocet, and before you know it, those arent working as well either, and you begin using more and more. Sound familiar? Many of us have been there, done that.
Sounds like you are at the point where you are sick of being dependent on these pills. So good!
3.5 days off is definetly a step in the right direction, but it will take more time than this. You should expect to feel generally crappy for 3-4 more days, and may take several more weeks to feel good again, but if you dont do this, be advised that it will not get better on its own.
Curious, what does the doc that prescribed the pills have to say about this? Sometimes it is much better to let the doctor know what this is doing to you and go ahead and take advantage of thier knowledge.

Keep us posted, you're doing great. Time will heal all.