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Okay so there is no really good reason why I'm w/ding tonight. I haven't changed my dose. I don't start my tapering for another two weeks. I just have been trying not to take any extra pills (on top of the 3xday regular ones). I take morphine 3xday and then have percocet on top of that for break through pain. And I've been doing a REALLY, REALLY good job of not taking any extra when I'm not in legitimate pain (I have a back injury and just had back surgery). Well whenever I don't take the extra percocet for a while my body craves it and that's what is happening tonight. I haven't had a percocet for many, many days. And my body wants it. I tried taking just 1/4 of a pill to call the w/d down, which usually works, but it is NOT working tonight. It very rarely doesn't work...I really wish it had worked tonight because it's now been over 24 hours of straight horrible w/d's. I feel like I'm losing my mind. My pain is really high and my legs won't hold still. My head is going around and around and around. I'm trying really hard to do anything else to keep my mind off of it but nothing is working. I'm not worried that I'll take more percocet but I just wish this yucky sick/flu feeling would stop already. Oh and the restless legs are the worst! I mean, I'm not supposed to start my detox and taper for another two weeks. Yet, it feels like I've already started. I haven't slept since Saturday night...I really don't like this. :(

I know most people post to get advice or whatever...I'm not here for advice. I already know all the tricks in the book to help (I think anyway). They just aren't helping tonight. I guess I just needed someone to talk to. To get this out of me...does that make sense?? I just really didn't want to bug my friends or family about this, so I thought I'd just get on here and post. I guess it helps to talk to people who actually understand (completely) how I'm feeling.

This is helping a little. I feel a bit calmer. Thanks for listening everyone. I hope you all are having a better night than I am!

Hey everyone...

Today is a better day. I'm not having all of the "full" text book w/d symptoms today like I was yesterday. I haven't had to take any extra percocet to help my w/d since in the middle of the night. That's good news, but it's still not over. It's turned down about 70% but the RLS is still pretty torturous. I just can't hold still. I was FINALLY able to sleep last night. I think I got 7 hours of sleep. I think that's why I'm feeling better. It wasn't the best sleep I've ever gotten, but sleep none-the-less. I still can't eat too much because of the nausea but I can get a little down. I'm hoping that by tomorrow I'll be feeling 100% because I have appointments I have to be to and they aren't really things I can do during w/d. I have high hopes I'll be better by tomorrow. My spirits are MUCH higher today than yesterday.

Thank you SOOOO much for all of your kind words!!! You have no idea how much they help...or maybe you do...lol. It's amazing how much supportive words from people (even strangers) can pull you up out of a funk you didn't think you could get out of. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. You're wonderful people! I hope you're all having a great day. If I can ever re-pay anyone, please, just let me know.