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JonesyNJ, Sorry to hear about you pain. Sounds like we have similiar circumstances. I had an L5-S1 fusion 7 weeks ago and have the burning down my RIGHT leg and foot. Neurosurgeon is pretty worthless on assisting with the pain. They keep sending me to pain management who are suppose to give a spinal nerve block(needle of cortisone in the spine by the effected nerve).I had them do the procedure last week and nothing happend. I am suppose to get another next week. I had to go on Lunesta after surgery just to sleep due to the pain. Have to have the effected foot supported by pillows just to alleviate the pain and he says that I should try to keep walking. Lots of pain while walking and heat or cold treatments don't seem to help. Neurosurgeon says it is still early in the process and this could go on for some time. Not what we want to hear. Sorry to hearl about your cruise, I cancelled a family vacation due to the pain. I hope your's gets better, but ask about the nerve block. Because you and I have the same problem - just different legs. Let me know how you do and I will be praying for you. PS 46 year old male who would have not done the surgery had I known it was going to turn out with such a higher level of pain. Also they gave my Percocet for pain for the last 6 weeks and it did nothing to alleviate - now they tell me that Percocet does nothing for nerve pain so I have to unhook myself from the Percocet.