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I completely understand about not wanting anyone to know neither did I & I hid it as long as I could, I also raitionalized becuse of my pain issues. I have severe nerve damage,arthritis,2-bukging discs & Im a cancer survivor, plus I had been on pain meds for so long I did'nt know I was hooked until I tried to stop taking them. My Tolerance was so high! I had been on everythinh from hydro 10, 6 times aday to 60mg. morhene to 10mg. percocet, and even 80mg. oxycotin. I was a mess. The suboxone really helped me alot sure it can be addictive but the withdrawls from it are a walk in the park compared to full blown narcotics and it helps my pain a whole lot better because you never really build a tolorence to it. If you do'nt have pain issues its a wounderful way to get off of the other stuff & why suffer any more than you have to. Also its an outpaitient drug so you dont have to go to a rehab to do the program. It's worked for me. You just have to decide whats best for you. Find a Dr. in your area that perscibes suboxone, talk to him or her about, be completely honest with them and they will help. Plus its all confidential, no one even needs to know but you & your Dr. However counceling is always a great idea. I wish you the best of luck and God bless you.