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I am a 40 year old business exec who just had his best friend at work tell him over lunch that he thinks he is addicted to percocet. He takes about 150 to 200 millgrams a day. Is this a lot? should I be concerned. he has been doing it for two years and he says it has destroyed his marriage.

he is afarid to talk to anyone else except for me a our friend in HR.

Could someone here please advise. Does this sound like a serious problem. And should i be telling him to seek treatment and if so what kind.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

He is definitely addicted. I would feel very worried about the damage he is doing to his liver w/ the percocet - he may have irreversibly damaged his liver by taking so much tylenol on a daily basis [percocet is oxycodone and tylenol). Among other things (like seeking help for the addiction) he should get liver tests ASAP - seeing the damage he is causing might also help him to stop. I hope he hasn't done permanent damage to his liver.