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[QUOTE=wrenegade;3718636]This past summer, I had several back surgeries. First, a microsurgical debridement of the facet joints (2 levels, both sides) with rhizolysis (deadening of the nerves ~ small nerve fibers). I also had laminotomies, foraminotomies, and partial discectomies at 2 levels on the left. These were all considered "minimally invasive." They were done endoscopically. The purpose of the LFD (for short) was to decompress the nerve. I really didn't have a great deal of nerve pain and I cannot feel much difference. The debridement and rhizolysis helped about 40% with my low back pain especially sitting for long periods of time. I think I let myself get talked into the LFD because the pathology looked so bad on MRI and my mother and husband are so overly concerned about me being on narcotics. . . and I haven't even taken one "boat load" yet!! (just a way of saying a LOT of narcotics). . . My four incisions are only about 1/2 inch long each. I tried these surgeries because the orthopedic doc recommended a fusion, but I have trouble contemplating that. I've had a spondylolisthesis that is now 32 years old. Most current evaluation was a "nasty grade 2". I hope this helps you in some way. .

Watch those narcotics Wrenegade. DH went from vicodin, to percocet to 4 oxycontins a day! (Still can't believe that quack was giving him that many!). It's nice that the debridement and rhizolysis took away almost half of your back pain. What exactly is that? Do you feel that for now, you'll be able to avoid the fusion?