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Hi everyone! I have spent the last few days reading all your post about surgery. Here is my story... I'm 43 yrs old. I had surgery (laminectomy and discectomy) in 2002 & 2004 at L5-S1. Both went great. About a year and a half ago my pain was back. MRI showed DDD, DJD, herniated disc and stenosis. Went to PM and got 3 rounds of epidural steroid injections that didn't help. After 6 months they sent me for another MRI. Now showing nerve impingement and herniation at L4-L5 too. PM doc read the MRI report and said there was nothing else they could do for me and sent me to the neurosurgeon.
He ordered a myelogram. The doc said the results didn't show if the pain is from DDD or DJD so he ordered facet joint injections. (Those injections HURT!) After 3 sets of injections the muscle spasms had eased up, but still have sharp pain if I move the wrong way, turn over in bed, etc. My feet tingle all the time and my legs are weak.
I was on the way last Wed. for another appointment with the neuro. and we were in an accident. We were at a red light and hit from behind. On impact, my feet and lower legs went completely numb. After a rescue ride to the ER, the doc there did nothing. He had me push on his hand with my foot, said I was fine and gave me Rx for spasms and percocet for pain. I saw my neurosurgeon last Friday. He ordered another MRI (last one was Jan this year)
and told me that fusion is probably my only option now.
The thought of surgery scares me. Do I have surgery now and get it over with, wait till I cant stand on my own 2 feet, or until the pain gets worse.
For those of you that have had fusion surgery, what made you decide to have the surgery when you did?
Thanks for taking the time to read my story...