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Brief history - Since April 24th I have had 1 ESI, 2 Transforaminal Injections,
1 RF Ablation. The RF has helped the pain in my back somewhat, but I still have terrible sciatica. I have DDD, osteophytes, central spinal stenosis, broad based central disk protrusion, neural foraminal narrowing, facet dengenerative disease. This is all located from L3 thru S1. Worst pain is on the left side.

I went back to PM doc yesterday and got the second Transforaminal at the
L4 level and stronger pain meds. (Percocet) He said if my sciatica is not better in two weeks he is sending me to a surgeon for a second opinion.

Hope all of you are the best you can be!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll keep us all in my prayers.