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[quote]how much I should actually take compared to what my doctor prescribed

This comment alone makes me wonder...if you are truly commmitted to getting off the drugs, then you will need to comply EXACTLY with the doctors instructions. Anything else is continuing the self-medicating cycle.
This is your first post and I certainly do not want to come across as judgmental or to scare you away. To the contrary. I wish you all the best in your endeavor. Like you said, the first step is admitting you have a problem. You have gone to a doctor to get help. That is commendable. But you must listen to exactly what the doctor gives you for instructions.

Suboxone can be a wonderful drug to help someone get off other drugs...but remember...suboxone IS another opiate. Some Sub doctors want their patients to stay on a suboxone maintenance program for up to a year or more. This is simply trading one addiction for another. If you are only on the sub for a couplke weeks to help you get off the percocet, then kudos to you. Just be very careful with the sub...as you yourself said, it is very potent stuff.

I wish you the best.