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I have read through a few different threads and I'm getting mixed comments about suboxone. I'm starting to become concerned. I need help getting through this time with my husband and his addiction. Here is my story. (WORDS)

My husband has been addicted to pain medications for quite some time. Hes only 25. When he was younger, he was shot in the knee, and from then on out had chronic pain. When we met, he asked me if I could try to get him some help, so I sent him to a pain specialist who I figured would help him. He was on and off of percocets when he was younger, which he got immune to and they stopped working for him. The specialist didn't want him on pain pills because he was only 22 at the time. So, they put him on a fentanyl patch, starting at 25 mcg/hr increasing to 100 mcg/hr as he became immune to it over a 2 year period. Well, it stopped working and the specialist refused to increase it and he stopped seeing the specialist.

Right after that, we found out he had MRSA and he went through 5 I&Ds (surgeries) to clean out his arm. He was in the hospital for 2-3 months on Dilaudid, Morphine, and Oxy-IRs. When he got out, the surgeons gave him scripts for Percocets, which he quickly became addicted to (as he had with every other controlled substance). They stopped giving them to him, so he went back to the pain specialist, who said that he had went against the Opiod Policy they had signed a year and a half before for getting the Percs filled (even though he stopped seeing the doc for a year and a half) and refused to see him and turned him into an investigator for 'doctor shopping'. From then on out, he started getting a 1-2 percocets a day from my grandmother to help him through the day due to the pain, it was nothing to do with getting high.

This seemed like it wouldn't stop, so I had to find him some help. I found a doctor about an hour away from me that offers suboxone treatment. He went almost 48 hrs without taking Percs and was having serious withdrawals. He went in yesterday and the doctor prescribed him 2 mg suboxones to take every 4-6 hrs. Hes been trying to go 6-8 hrs before he takes them though. He has been a ZOMBIE ever since. He can't keep his eyes open. He wanted to ride his scooter yesterday, but almost wrecked it in my front yard as he was disoriented and I had to make him put it up. He can't walk straight, his eyelids are almost black, and hes just an opposite person. Hes fallen asleep 3 times while smoking in the bed. He sweats right through his clothes, even in a room thats about 50 degrees and I'm freezing. He has headaches so bad that his eyes cross. He tells me his vision is beyond blurry and hes seeing double. I asked him if he felt like he was 'high' on them and he told me he wasn't, but that it was taking the pain away. He still felt pretty nauseous though. I'm not sure if this is normal. I'm afraid hes overmedicated considering he wasn't only a high dose of narcotics!

I'm really concerned because he doesn't have to go back until Monday and they are closed on the weekends of course. I didn't realize such a high dose was necessary for someone taking 1-2 percocets a day. The doctor stated it was the lowest dose, but I'm just unsure. I did a little research but I find different answers everywhere. The doctor said he should stay on the suboxone 3 or so years, which is the same time that he was on the pain meds. I don't want him addicted to this medicine. Hes already on enough (Prozac, Trileptal, Thorazine, Klonopin, Prevacid, Metoclopramide, Ziac, Exforge) - I couldn't find any possible interactions with these, but something has to be going on. Theres no emergency number to call. I guess we'll have to wait for Monday to come. But this for 3 years? OMG I don't know what to do.

Thanks for listening and any advice or help will be appreciated!
well he took what he could get and hes disabled and never leaves the house without me so I know what hes taking and hes never bought anything off the street (other than getting them from my grandmother to help him through the day, which i stopped) - after the fentanyl, no doctor would prescribe him any meds, so when he could get it, it was from the hospital and there would only be a script for 10-20 and he would take 2 every 4-6 hrs so he wouldn't get sick - usually he could make a script last 4 days tops, but sometimes less than a day depending on how bad he hurt

he eventually stopped getting them at all so he started getting 2 a day from my grandma and he'd vomit half the day trying to make it - he had to have 4 upper GIs trying to figure out why he was vomiting blood all the time and it was because he was withdrawing from the percocets and we couldn't figure it out for over a year, eventually his body got used to taking 1-2 daily (which btw, this was never over the 5mg dose) - I'm sure hes on nothing else because theres nothing showing up in his drug tests - we went to the hospital before he got put on suboxone and percocet wasn't even showing up in his system - even the day he went on suboxone it had only been 40 some hours into withdrawals and nothing was in his system on the tests - I'm afraid it could be the other meds hes on (maybe the thorazine) but when he took percocets, he was never tired, he was wired

I guess we'll see tomorrow when we go see the doctor - the suboxone is helping the pain and he says hes not hurting at all, its just him being so out of it that I'm concerned about
Just wanted to make an update on this - his dose was increased to 8mg 1/2 pill 3 times a day, so 12mg a day - yesterday the pills I guess stopped working, and ever since hes been vomitting and complaining of his stomach again, but this happened after we saw the doctor yesterday morning and now have to wait until Tuesday until he'll be back in - I hate to see his dose get increased again, as I think this is just too high for someone who had tapered back to only taking a few percocets a day from wearing a Fentanyl patch for a few years. It will be increased to 24mg a day next, which the doctor told us is usually where heroin addicts start, and my husband has NEVER done heroin or anything like it. I just feel like he may be getting addicted to these, and whats the point?
Well, the doctor that he was seeing for the Fentanyl dropped him because he was going to the ER to get percocets a year after he stopped seeing her and she said it went against the opiod policy (even though I thought the policy was only valid a year, it had been 13 months). She sent him to a suboxone 'clinic' and after explaining the situation, the doctor acted if he took 100 pills a day and that he definetly needed suboxone and had to start that day. I was really confused by this because I had been trying to get him to stop the percocets cold turkey and he just couldn't do it because he would puke for days and then ended up have GI bleeding and ended up in the hospital each time for dehydration and then they would load him up on morphine because his stomach hurt him 'so badly'. I don't know what other option he has other than the suboxone. We tried to get him into a drug rehab and no one would accept him. NA and AA just wont work for him, he has a severe anxiety around others and will seriously flip out. He couldn't make it 5 mins in group counseling. I'm still at a loss.

I havent updated his situation in a week or so I think, but now hes up to taking 24 mg a day - an 8mg pill 3X a day. The doctor was really surprised because they're not lasting him like they should, like after 3-4 hrs they're not working, and since they have a half life of 24 hrs, they should definetly work longer than 3-4 hrs. I really hope that soon he will be at a dose that they won't have to increase, because I feel as if the higher he goes, the worse its going to get.

I've noticed a large change in him since he started it though. Hes more active, a lot sweeter, more caring, and doesn't stay depressed like he used to. But I don't want him dependent on medicine for his entire life but I feel like I don't really have a choice. I'm trying everything to help him, but in a way I feel as if this suboxone will only make him more addicted. He mentioned tonite trying to get off of it soon, but I don't understand how if hes asking for them to increase the dose every week. Some days he can take half a pill twice and hes fine, others its 3 pills a day. I just wish this was a lot easier.