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I'm new to this board and looking for some help. I am 45 and for years I had great blood pressure even after 2 late in life pregnancies. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (Graves Disease) during my last pregnancy (3 years ago). I thought I just had panic attacks - what I sin I suffered for so long! I am now off all thyroid meds and my numbers look good. Doc says some people go into remission. About 2 years ago I suddenly developed HBP. Did a myoview scan and flunked the exercise part (BP shot up to 200/95) They next did a persantine stress test that came out normal. They also checked me for the atrery thing in your leg that can raise BP. All results normal. Cardio puts me on Toprol XL and Norvasc - I hated it. By this time I am making myself crazy because I have these palpitations that are scaring the you know what out of me and chest pain. My primary care says to go on Innopran XL because it sometimes helps with thyroid symptoms (even though numbers for thyroid are good). Also RX Lexapro for anxiety. I take the Innopran and it stops the palps (choose to do occassional xanax instead of lexapro) I switch cardio because my gyno wants to know why I didn't do a echo or holter monitor. New guy has me stay on the Innopran and Norvasc. (Doesn't do either test). I am ok for awhile then I realize that I am so darn tired all the time that I can't stand it anymore. Also waking up a lot at night and worrying. I go to cardio and he says I have a very slight heart murmur (nobody ever heard that before) and switches me to 12.5 of atenonol. I get palpitations...he raises atenonol to 25 mg - stay on the 5 mg of Norvasc. Here is my dilemna.....I have palps all the time again...I have gained a lot of weight..... I feel like crap. Does anyone know some other way I should ask the doc's to go???? PS primary is doing echo in November. She says it should be done. My BP is good on the meds...but I am overweight. Help