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Hello my 4 yr olds symptoms are stumping everyone. It started this past Saturday, he started breaking out with a little rash. We thought it was from in playing in the grass where we just cut. He got up Sunday and the rash was the same. It got worse as the day went on. All of the sudden he started sreaming that his ankle hurt, and it was swollen. His brother fell on wim earlier with a toy, so we thought he might have injured it bad. I took him to the emergancy room where they done x-rays and said it was sprained. They also checked his urine because of the rash. He had glucose in his urine, so they checked his blood sugar. His blood sugar was 221, very high.The dr said his ankle might have been swollen because of his blood sugar being so high. They sent him home and told me to follow up with his doctor. By the time we got home his other ankle was swollen and his knees were hurting and swollen. Monday we went to the dr. the rash was almost gone and his blood sugar was 101. He still had a good bit of swelling in his ankles, and his face was puffy. He was fine all day, and the swelling went away. Around 7:30 I was going to go to the store, when we went to get in the van he started screaming with his head hurting. I tried everything to get his mind off of it. I even told him he could push a little buggy, but he asked me to take him to the dr. I went to my husband's work to get him because I couldn't get him on the phone. When we started driving down the road Michael threw up, then blacked out for about 30 seconds. When I got back to him he started vomiting more. After a couple of minutes of vomiting he was unresponsive. He was in la-la land. We tried everything to get him to talk to us. He was like this for about 10 minutes. Then he wasn't himself. When we got to the ER, of course we had to wait, he was still not acting right. By the time he got to see a dr, he was Michael again, bouncing off the walls :bouncing: . The dr and nurses looked at us like we were stupid :mad: . They told us that after a child vomits they can zone out like that because they are tired. They decided to do a little blood work. About 5 minutes after the nurse left the room from drawing his blood he sarted screaming with his head again. Then he started vomiting again. They gave him an IV and gave him a little bit of fluids and phenergan (for the vomiting). His blood work was normal so they sent him home. He was fine when he got up tuesday. Wednesday he went back to the dr and every thing was fine. That night he woke up around 10:00 screaming with his head again. I called his dr at home and she said not to give him anything unless he started vomiting. She mentioned a CAT scan and of course I agreed. Thursday I called and we have the CAT scan scheduled for Tuesday. Thursday night around 8:00 he started saying his head hurt again, but this time he wasn't screaming. He has been fine all day today.
If anyone has any ideas please let me know. It is driving me crazy, I want to know what is going on with my little boy.
Thanks for reading my long post, and for any suggestions in advance.