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I can relate to your problem. I too have been battling with my 5 year old.

My son has a brain tumor, but I am not too sure that is the reason for his lack of sleep.

He would go to bed okay then wake up a 2.30am to start his day. Have a big nap (2-3hrs) through the day. His routine was totally out of wack.

What I can suggest wake him at a set time in the morning. Have him take a nap in the morning (just before lunch). Keep him busy in the afternoon and give him a large evening meal. Have a set bedtime for him.

Now combine all the above with a dose of Melatonin at night. This is a natural sleep hormone (which our own bodies make). It is available from health food shops and some pharmacies. It is usually use for jet lag.

At age three I would give him 1 - 1 1/2 tablets (crush). This can help regulate the sleep pattern for him plus give a better quality sleep. It is a natural product so it shouldn't cause any side effects.

The other thing you can give him is some magnesium and calcium supplements at night. These tend to help relax the nervous system and enable him to settle.

I know how frustrating and tiring it is for the parents. The melatonin helped with our son. At the moment I am giving him some phenergan as he will go to sleep okay but wake too early, this helps him sleep longer.

I hope things settle for you soon. Sue
Just a thought...

The other thing you could try is the phenergan. It can be bought over the counter here. Giving one dose at night before bed may help him settle quicker and may help you get him back into a routine. Or you could ask your doctor for something to help him sleep.

This would enable him to go to sleep faster, have a longer sleep and allow you to change his routine through the day. Possibly after a week or so you should be able to stop the medication, and hopefully he will be able to sleep better on his own.

As I said, just a thought, my son was back into a reasonably normal routine before I put him on the phenergan.
Franjo.. I do take them fishing and to cricket on occasions. I guess I let them do it because I am not home much and it was something interesting and different (besides, I didn't think I could do it to myself).

I think I am alot like you are, I would sleep til lunch time if I could. I have never been a morning person.

Rebecarooni, The paediatrician put Dan on the clonidine, didn't do anything for him. There are quite a few kids that do benefit from it though. We are having more luck with phenergan (promethazine) at the moment. He has no trouble staying asleep, it is just the amount of sleep he was getting. The melatonin worked quite well, we had him on it for about a year. The phenergan is working better. He gets 9-10 hrs with it.

Dan has just started grade 1. He was excited when we told him he didn't have to go on the weekend. Homework starts this week (all four kids). I'll be getting home from work just in time to supervise the lot.

-10 degrees??? I would never get out of bed with that type of temperature.

Be patient, it may take a little while to settle into the routine with Noah. At least you know that he seems ready to give that nap up.

We usually just get big rain depressions from the cyclones. Here in Brisbane we are pretty well protected from a full on cyclone because of all the mountains behind us. I don't want to be anywhere near a big one, they can cause alot of damage.

An accent, I guess I do have one, I never really thought about it.

I love snow cones, my kids have a gadget that breaks up the ice for them.

Zippo lighters? I honestly don't think I have seen one. I can be a hoarder more that a collector.

Well back at work one day, and my feet hurt. Now that they have opened up the extension, I am walking twice the distance. It will take some time to get used to it again.

Just back on topic, the paediatrician rang my husband today and said that it was okay to give him the phenergan to help Dan sleep. We will discuss an alternative when we see him in about three weeks.


Yesterday Noah konked out at 6pm and we could not wake him up enough to eat his supper. He slept all through the night though. I guess he's just getting adjusted to the new schedule. I was so afraid that he'd wake up raring to go at 3am! But he woke this morning at 7:30, so maybe the day won't be too much 'out of whack'.

The idea for the Zippo lighter (an American brand) came from Australia, if I'm remembering right. It was first touted as a 'wind-proof' lighter, and actually played a part during WWII. The history is interesting, but that's as far as my own interest goes.

Myself, I like to collect antiques....mostly low-end stuff, nothing really valuable. I also have a small collection of miniature clocks, a collection I didn't intend, it just happened.

I just smoked my last cigarette, and I'm hoping to quit for good. I've been smoking too much for too long. I had managed to quit once for 7 years, so I know I can do this. Noah helps to motivate me. Wish me luck!

Let me know if the phenergan helps with Daniel. That little guy has enough stuff going on without having to deal with getting enough sleep too. He remains in our prayers. Noah just said to tell him, "When Daniel is feeling better, then he can have all my toys". I have to admit, I'd be only too happy to get most of them out of here! We can barely walk through the house. I can't complain to much, however, I waited for this child for 22 years. The chaos of toys is a pleasant reminder of how blessed we are to have him.

Hey, I have another problem that I'd like your ideas on: How do you stop a child from picking their nose? Someone told me that this could be a sign of allergies, but he doesn't seem to have any allergic symptoms. I think it's the dry air were having right now. I do keep a vaporizer in his room, but that's only used at night. I hope it's just a phase that he'll outgrow soon. It's driving me crazy though.

Better go now....Noah has just locked me out of 1/2 of my house. Now I have to put the 'ol snow boots on and go outside to get back into the sunroom. Ahhhh, the joys of parenting........franjo
If he went to bed without his supper and sleep all night - Thats Great!! He will be putting himself to bed soon.

I love antiques, but can not afford to buy them (even if I could, the kids would demolish them very quickly)

Good luck on the no smoking. I smoke, it is the only release I have (don't drink, don't go out etc).

The phenergan is working great, but I am concerned about giving it too him every night. He is sometimes tired through the day, but I guess he is also tired if he doesn't get his quota of sleep.

Noah, thank you very much for your kind offer of your toys. Daniel has quite a few himself. His favourite toy at the moment is a piece of cardboard with two cardboard rolls attached (skateboard). He will play with it all day if he could. Loves to play golf and cricket as well. Has a train set that he also plays with. Dad can put the tracks together in his sleep.

There is a saying here in australia. If a child picks his nose he has worms. I am not too sure how credible that saying is, but I guess it is possible. I agree that the dry cold air is irritating his nose. Perhaps he has a sore inside the nostril that is bothering him

I always encourage them to use a hanky or tissue, but boys will be boys. If all else fails, I am sure he will grow out of it when he starts to see the girls in a different light.


I encourage the tissues, of course. I have a box strategically located in every room, but he'll pick his nose, THEN put it on the tissue. I told him that I'd buy him a new monster truck Hot Wheel if he can go one whole day without picking his nose. THAT really got his attention, and he is trying real hard. He wants that Hot Wheel bad. Hey, I'm not above the occasional bribe now and then....if it gets results!

God, I hope it's not worms!!! I really don't think so, but I'll be watching more closely now.

Glad to hear that the phenergan is getting good results. Hopefully his sleep cycles will continue to improve.

Isn't it funny what attracts kids, as far as toys go? Noah has so many, yet spends most of his time playing in a big pan of dried beans with his construction toys. These beans have paid for themselves 100 times over! Of course, they are everywhere most of the time, but that's a small price to pay if he's enjoying himself. He's learning something in the process, I'm sure, only I can't imagine what that would be.

My grandfather owned an appliance store when I was small. He'd bring home the big refrigerator boxes, and you'd have thought it was Christmas! The boxes went through several metamorphises (sp) until the first rain, then we'd be begging him to bring home another. Nowadays, the boxes break down into smaller parts, they don't really come in a true 'box'. What a shame that the new generations will never know the absolute joy contained in a big cardboard box!....franjo
Daniel is sleeping so much better now, I have reduced his phenergan slightly. I tend to get a bit cautious when he starts changing his habits, behavior even small changes. In the past it has usually meant something happening 'upstairs'. Fortunately they have been good signs most of the time.

With my bit of research I have been doing, I have discovered that he has had a symptom of this new glioma for a while. He tends to be a little forgetful, which we put down to the first lot of problems, now I am not so sure.

I will watch him for a bit longer and if he has any other things happening, I will then call the paediatrician.

Apple seed is still an apple seed. Daniel is watering this little black thing sitting in cotton wool. I guess time will tell.