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My son had a tonsillectomy when he was 5. He too had breathing (not officially diagnosed w/asthma at that time) problems and allergies which was a concern for me before hand.

I can tell you that it wasn't the most pleasant thing to deal with. He did have quite a bit of pain for the first several days and didn't want to take the medicine either. He hated the taste of it, but because he was so young, I couldn't reason with him about how it would help with the pain. They had prescribed a liquid medication that had codiene in it. They also prescribed phenergan suppositories in case the medicine made him nauseous.

Since he wouldn't take the liquid medication, I had to crush children's motrin up and mix it with a small amount of koolaid and I would pour that into a small medicine cup and he managed to swallow it. He didn't like the taste of liquid Motrin, so that was out too.

I also found the childrens sore throat lollipops which seemed to help numb his throat but I couldn't give them to him before bed since they do numb the throat. He had a really hard time even being able to eat the soft foods, and I didn't want his electrolytes getting out of whack, so I also fed him the Pedialite popcicles. The cold from them helped to keep any swelling down too.

The bes thing is to try your best to keep his pain under control and to keep him as calm and comfortable as possible. Lots of crying really does make it worse for them, even though it's not easy to keep them from crying when they really hurt. The first few nights and days were the worst. My husband and I took turns sleeping with him in his room. After the first few days, things started showing some improvement each day.

Is your doctor going to "snare" the tonsils to remove them, or does he cauterize them? My son's used cautery because it cuts down on bleeding. It does make their breath smell horrible though. When I smelled his breath on the second night, it scared me and I thought he had developed an infection. I called the doctor and he apologized and told me he was sorry he forgot to tell me to expect that before hand.

I wish you the very best with helping your son through this. Take care, and after the procedure, don't hesitate to call the doctor if anything happens that concerns you. My son's ENT gave me his cell phone number in case I needed it. However, if anything urgent happens (such as breathing problems due to swelling in the throat) call 911 because the response time is faster. This was the main thing our ENT told us to keep an eye on.

It's not a pleasant thing to endure, but unfortunately this surgery needs to be done sometimes. Take care, and please let us know how it goes.