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My 18 month old daughter had a febrile seizure and it lasted for 2 1/2 hours. She was put on a ventilator she was so bad. That is the only one she has had from fever though but the dr put her on phenobarbital 15mg (3 of them) once a day. They are working great for her what meds is your friends child on? We go back in June for another eeg to see if there is still seizure activity or not. I think she may have had a few which involved starring (that is how hers start) but they only lasted a few seconds. I just about lost my little girl last June from this febrile seizure I wouldnt take it lightly. Just my opinion.
Hi! Oh I feel your pain. I have a 19 month old girl who has been having seizures since she was 7 months old. And coinceidentally, she has them at night and at the end of the month. they do not know what hers are brought on by and she has had every test: MRI, CT scan, EEG, lumbar puncture (spinal tap), etc. All these tests came back normal. They definately need to seek the assitance of a neurologist. What medication is the child on? Also, tell the mother to get INFANTS DYE FREE MOTRIN DROPS and at the hint of a fever give it to the child. Also to keep on hand is a thermometer - thermo-scan type or temporal kind. This way she can easily check the temperature of a child while they sleep. It isn't easy to watch a tiny one go through this I know, but as out neurologist told us, if nothing shows up on the tests then there is nothing that is to be fixed. Hence nothing broken then nothing needs to be fixed. It's not much reassuring news but it helps us. Also I recently have taken red dye #40 and #2 out of her diet. If the child is on phenobarbital or tegretol these meds have red dye in it so there is nothing that can be done about that. Our girl in on lamictal and it is working well. Also, make sure mom knows that if the child is on phenobarb, that they shouldn't be on it for more than 1 year because it is linked to learning delays. I know I may not be telling you things you already know but I don't trust a lot of docotrs and I wouldn't feel right if I had some information that may elp yo and didn't pass it along. Good luck and God speed! Health and happiness to yo and your! ~Cathy