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Hi Snowfrog :wave:

I am glad you brought up this subject because I have also gained weight since my fusion because of lack of exercise. The thought of running right now terrifies me eventhough I am feeling better than prior to my fusion. One thing which did not help my weight, was after my partial hardware removal the end of March, I developed pneumonia from the anesthesia and the doctor prescribed prednisone for one month. I thought there would not be enough food in the house because the prednisone increases your appetite. I went to my pc doctor this week and he prescribed phentermine to help me loose weight. I feel if I can loose 15 lbs I can have the motivation to loose the remaining lbs. I know it will be a struggle at first because of the muscles being weakend by the surgery. Also, we have to deal with not only the physical scars but also the mental scars from the surgery!!!

I wish you luck in your struggle and hope we can give each other support to face this battle [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/t_up.gif[/img]

Spondylolisthesis - level 2 L5/S1
Pars Defect
End Plate Separation
2 Nerve Root Blocks (no effect)
L5/S1 Posterior Fusion with hardware (no BAK cages due to lack of disk space) 08/02
Right side hardware removed due to loose screw and rod rubbing against facet joint - 03/03
Can now say I am better than prior to the fusion!!!!