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thanks man, i am 21 years old now and i found out that i have av malformation in my brain 2 yrs ago. The size is 3-4 cm big. At first, i thought my illness can be treated easily but the truth is not. It did not only affect me but also my family as well. They got to pay attention to me daily just in case i had a seizure. I fainted once along the road side and had two seizures at home. It has totally changed my life, my character changes and i become even more bad-tempered.My doctor advised me not to stress myself and try to take things easily.It will be beneficial to my condition.I am currently taking phenytoin daily.If i keep forgetting to take my medicine,my illness will be out of control.
At first, my local doctor said that due to the size of my condition, he can only do an embolisation for me. It means to glue the 'thing' up,shorten its size first before anything can be done. Luckily, an experienced doctor from abroad saw my case, he suggest that i should have a gamma knife operation due to my age and physical conditions. The chance of success should be quite high. Currently, i am under observation and had to go for hospital checkups. Angiograms will be done in a few months time to see the progress of my illness.

Thanks the people here for sharing their experience in dealing with the 'devil'
Hope that everyone will get well soon and May God Bless You