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My name is Robert and I had been on Dilantin for
10 years due to a head injury in the Marine Corps!
The Navy doctors that treated me started me on the
medication, but also stated that I didn't have seizures! Figure that out? They discharged me Dishonorably because of (2) reason: (1) I couldn't perform because of the side affects and (2)I went home to get a second opinion because I was scared and confused. My wife who is in the Naval Reserves as a RN pulled up on the web RN WEB: News Watch that the anticonvulsants fosphenytoin (Cerebyx)& phenytoin (Dilantin) are related to reports of cardiovascular adverse events including fatalities related to fosphenytoin (which is an I.V. drug that is converted to phenytoin in the body). I also was on Tegretol for several years with no improvement.

This was posted back in 2000! I am now seizure free and off of all medications!!!! The last anti-seizure medication that I took was "Trileptal" and it worked wonders!!!! I believe it had helped so well that I stopped all my seizures and I was able to get off it completely!!! I would recommend this medication to anyone. iI did not experience any side effects at all and I was able to function normally. Everyone who is on other seizure medication(s) should talk to their doctor about this medication! I am now a police sergeant in the St. Louis area and I credit my career to this medication. If it had not fixed what was causing me to have seizures I would not have been able to become a police officer. Also I watch what I eat, I rarely eat sweets and drink milk. I believe that these food items has had alot to do with my seizures also.