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I wonder if this is similar to the problem I had.

I was on Depakote (Epilim), Tegretol Retard and Dilantin (phenytoin). That threesome of drugs was chaos for me.

There was a HUGE warning flagged in the Dr's book that he must have missed about the drug interaction being negative with my other meds when he added Epilim. Not to mention the drugs peaked different times of the day. That feeling was almost like having a constant hangover without drinking a drop.

On that 3 combination I was groggy all day, and slept for 12 hours at night. I NEVER had slept for 12 hours before on a regular basis, and never did after getting off that mix. (side note, I did have long lengths of sleep, due to insomnia from concert work, and ER visits; I just don't count those!)

It's possible to be drug interaction, but I don't know if the two interact the same as the three. This may prompt a call to the nurse.