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I'm getting ready to take my nite meds an I remembered the doctor saying she needed to check her book because I take dilitin for seisure'swhich happened after light stroke 3 years ago,I was in seisures focal type for about 10days an since then I haven't had anything happen but they still have me on the med just in case..Well I got worried if this meth may increase my risk of having another seisure?So I called phamacy an the guy tried to explain to me how important it is to not quit taking the meth cause it may cause me to have seisure an then he was saying something about the way the meth would change the dilitin an he got me totally lost so I found my old phamacy book an looked it up an it says;;Long term use of phenytoin may bring on withdrawl symptems in patients being treated for drug dependence''NOw I'm more lost an hoping someone can explain before I take this dilitin tonite.I would try to explain better but I;'m so confused myself so I'm hoping some-one out there knows what I'm talking about.:confused: babycakes