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about Topiramate, known as Topamax as well. Depending on the dose and how the person is handeling it; it frequently effects a persons eating, mainly makes them think they are not "hungry" for food. Thus the reason for the off lable use (NON APPROVED) for weight loss.

Since I have been on it After 200mg My energy went down (no more 11 Mile bicycle treks). After 300mg I had to learn how to compensate with the drugs effect on the mind effecting a persons desire to eat. I now am at over 400mg. I have noticed a lack to energy and endurence when be it helping move items or some construction projects it seems I don't have the strength I did before.

I have never been on Topa and Epilim (Depakote)

I'd be a bad person to ask about Lamictal. In my case with Tegretol rertard Lamictal and a third drug (Both Epilim and Phenytoin/ Dilantin) did not work with my body. The Lamictal levels at blood test came back low when I was taking 800mg/day I was challanged if I was even taking it. However this is MY body not characteristic of the typical medicaion.

Hope you find something.