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If your script does not say DO NOT SUBSTITUTE they have the authority to issue you generics. One of the generics I had was half purple half white with a soild tab inside the capsul.

Chemical name/generic name for Dilantin is "Phenytoin" (also called phenytoin sodium). If that helps at all.

I'm NOT on it anymore, but I have not heard of any changes.

When you took them back, did the pharmacist identify that pill as dilantin?I've only known the Kapseal 100 mg dilantin to be the white capsule with the orange band around the middle, and I've been on it for many years. It's what the pharmacist always gives me, so I have no trouble. The only time I had a problem was when my new neurologist wrote me a prescription 2 different times for phenytoin, which I refuse to take. Finally had to tell both him and his nurse that I will only take dilantin. A couple of years ago when I went to pick up my medicine, the bottle had my name on it and the name of my medicine on the label. But, there was actually a different pill inside the bottle!! I had to take it back to the pharmacy and get the correct medicine. I guess someone else got my dilantin, and hopefully they bought it back. I don't trust these pharmacy technicians like I do a pharmacist.