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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"]Within a day or two, it's been exactly one year since my last GM seizure. This one, like the other eight, happened while sound asleep. I didn't wake up during it and remember nothing. My diagnosis for seizures is SUPPOSED to be sinus trouble and sleep apnea. It's being treated, and I'm supposed to have surgery soon to fix it. I still take phenytoin and lorazepam... same amount, same times.
Same things happened... bit my tongue a little and ache all over. That was an hour ago, and I'm still tired, achy, and a little weak.
Is it just a coincidence that this one was one year after the last one? This has happened to me twice.
I wondered if things I did or ate yesterday had anything to do with this one. I was out in the sun more than usual. I walked more. I ate a steak sub for lunch. I was a little more tired than usual when I went to bed and had a little indigestion left over. Also, I've been a little dizzy lately getting out of bed... might be ear problem. I already made appt. with same ENT Doctor I see for sinuses. My blood pressure is OK.
So, has anyone had seizures that seemed to be on a schedule or due to sunlight, certain foods, or any another reason... especially if you have seizures while asleep?