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I am posting this for my husband, who is 34 y/o. Here is the background information. He had a completely normal childhood, no illnesses or head injuries or anything of the sort. He had a nocturnal seizure (tonic-clonic) in Dec. of 02. Exactly 2 months to the day, he had another nocturnal seizure. At that time he had an MRI, EEG and both were normal findings. Nothing to be suspicious about. He saw a neuro who put him on Phenytoin-300 mg (3 100mg pills) nightly. He then went nearly 5 years w/o having another seizure. Last week, around 9:30 pm he was getting some ice water in our kitchen and had a tonic-clonic seizure. On the way down, he managed to hit his head (we think on the counter top or door jamb) and gashed his head open. I called 911-lots of blood and I was terrified/traumatized (we were not married when he had his other seizures so this was my first experience with a seizure). At the hospital, we were told that his Dilantin level was 5.7. He has NEVER, I mean NEVER missed a dose of his medication. The only thing that was different that day was that he had a sinus cold and took a couple doses of Tylenol Sinus pills. That is the only difference. He didn't feel anything different nor did he get any signs or symptoms that a seizure was coming. He only remembers getting a glass down but doesn't remember filling it with water or ice (which he did cause he spilled it all over himself when he fell to the floor).

He saw the neuro yesterday. The neuro upped his dose of Phenytoin to 2 pills twice a day, so 400 mg total. He recommended another MRI. When asked if my husband can drive, he said after the MRI and after his levels of Dilantin are between 10-20. So possibly, he will not drive for maybe another 2-3 weeks. That terrifies me! Shouldn't he have to wait longer to drive? He commutes an hour a day to work. In our state, it is at the discretion of the doctor.

So here are my questions:

1. Does this qualify for a dx of epilepsy?

2. Do you agree with the neuro's recommendations?

3. Do you think my husband will be okay to drive after the waiting period of a couple of weeks?

Any other comments or thoughts? Thanks so much!!