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I am new to posting, sorry if this is in the wrong place! I have been on seizure medicine for ten years, since I was eighteen when I suffered a massive brain hemorrhage brought on by an AVMalformation. First, I was treated with Dilantin (300 m.g. at night), then when I was twenty-one, I was put on Trileptal because my blood work showed elevated liver enzymes. Trileptal is expensive so I was recently put back on dilantin--the generic version. I have been taking three pills a day, just like before, but now I take them differently--one in the morning, afternoon and bedtime. Well, I feel very strange; thinking it is a blood sugar problem, I went to my doctor for a test--came back perfect. I am looking for someone out there that has had experience with Phenytoin and Dilantin and could tell me if they experienced the same reaction.