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I'll chime back in. Some people had been reporting problems with the newer formulation of Dilantin a while back, but I have not seen threads come across since.

Usually the problem with phenytoin (Dilantin generic) is the generic form has a +/- range that is not as evenly distributed as Brand Name. I found that out the hard way after 2 or 3 ER visits I was put back on Brand Name due to levels being low and seizures.

I have not been on it (Dilantin) for years, just so you know, so I have no clue about the new form and how (well) it works.

In MY case, I know were my levels would hold, and what's normal. Not being a professional if my levels were a little over 20 and I was not having symptoms I would pay more attention, but not be overly concerned. I'd be more on edge if I had LOW levels.

I'd say just remember where your levels TEND to come out at and go from there.

Sometimes it helps when we can recite lab results back to our docs when they want to jump the gun and change meds on us (happened to me). Being able to quote results made him check my chart and realize I knew my system well.