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Hello Modrijan,
Well, with all the questions I will take on one at a time so not to miss any if you wouldn't being paitent. The only other proble I have ever had before my injury is asthma and a tosilectomy at the age of four, also I was in the hospital most of my first year of birth because of neumonia, other than that no I have no other major problems before the injury. As for family, my mother has many problems but not with her back and they were caused be her job as a cook. She has had should surgery and carpol tunnel surgery. She also has knee problems and just had the teden in her foot severed from her toe because of the concrete floors at the hospital she works at. Noone that I know of has any problems other than her in my immediate family that I know of. The only other problem I have is in my leg that a physical therapist caused. She over stretched my leg and from then on I have a tingle in my thigh. I barely feel it now. I have cats and they climb my leg digging in my thigh and I feel nothing. I have literally stuck a pin in my leg and no pain accured. Another therapyst found that the reason my one leg is shorter is because of my tail bone twists and that muscles have compensated for it. She loosened a muscle that ran from my diaphram to my legs and I was able to walk without a limp. I now no longer see her but continue the release of that muscle to keep it in check myself. You asked how I know it is the T7-T10, well I have aquired all my doctors notes and therapists notes and read them. I am trying to learn how to tell a new doctor exactly what is going on in a form the doctor will be able to understand. I think I am mainly doing it to let the doctor know I am not as dumb as I look. I also wanted to thank you for suggeting the one hour discussion, I didn't think to do that. The chronological history is exactly what I was trying to form with all the notes and if you can help in any way I would apprieciate it. Question are you a doctor? It sounds like you are. As for the investegations and work done there has been so much. Work hardening, therapy w/traction and that sonic machine, stretching, bone manipulation (that put me to my needs when I tried to stand with automatic tears), Chiropractic in the beginning but only once, Myofacial manipulation, xrays (that showed nothing), and MRIs on both neck and mid back. The medicines have been motrin, aleve, Vicodin, neurontin (way to expensive since I make less than five hundred a month), Clindamycin, and last is piroxicam which is 20mg and basically do nothing for me other than let me relax enough to mentally work on the pain myself. I hope this can help you and if you have any other questions please just write. I am sorry but I am starting to hurt so I need to let you go now.