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Hi Goody,
My mom has DDD (and she is a retired R.N. by the way).
She has great trouble sitting for periods of time (driving, flying, etc) and has some nerve problems/numbness in her right leg.

She would be the first one to tell you to exercise (specific back exercises), stay as active as you can, and get any of the weight down that you can.
They just switched her to piroxicam (feldene) and so far so good - she's very susceptible to side effects.

One of the hardest things she says is just to know that her mobility is under attack. She has always been more active than all of her 4 kids put together. Aerobics, line dance, etc!
I don't know if this is a concern for you on an emotional level or not - whether you've been afftected emotionally because of the DDD...
I do know it doesn't stop you from caring about your friends..