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Quote from SRMom:
When he comes home, sometimes he just lays flat on the floor, a position that gives him relief.

That reminds me of myself... heh, but I was on the school floor. :rolleyes:

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SRmom... just asking, does anyone in your family has a history of arthritis?

when i was a teenager myself, the doctor found that I have a form of arthritis that affects the back called, ankylosing spondylitis - ask for a blood test for a specific gene from your local GP.

That's what I was thinking too. I also have ankylosing spondylitis and was diagnosed with it when I was 17. It started by affecting how I was walking - either affecting one side of my leg or the other. After I could no longer walk I started getting all sorts of tests (the not walking part came on very suddenly). The X-Rays didn't show enough, I needed a CT scan, and eventually got to a rheumatologist. I've tried Vioxx, Celebrex and Piroxicam and I'm still not sure if any of them helped. Ankylosing spondylitis mainly affects the sacroiliac joint... I'm not sure if that's exactly where your son is experiencing the pain. You said he plays sports? When my doctor fist heard my problem she was hoping it was just an injury from sports or other activities (which mine wasn't), hopefully your with your son it's something that won't be reoccurring once treated.

Good luck to your son at the doctors :)
Hi Kelen:

My son skateboards and he plays the baritone saxophone (large, heavy instrument).

We went to our GP last week and were referred to a spine specialist. Unfortunately, the GP didn't order lumbar X-rays, so we didn't have all the info we needed. For now the spine doctor has given my son specific strengthening exercises to do, so his joints won't take the impact of his activities. Also, we were told to get a memory foam mattress topper, preferably with a synthetic featherbed on top of that. He also said my son has to stop sleeping on his stomach. Sleeping on his back is best, side is okay too as long as he keeps a pillow between his knees so he doesn't twist his legs or turn on his stomach. He has a prescription for Piroxicam, but we can't tell if it's working yet...we were told it might take a few days to get into his system.

The x-rays only showed a slight scoliosis, 5%, which is normal. He appears to lean to one side like one leg may be shorter, but the doctor thinks he is just leaning because of pain. We have a followup appointment in January if the pain hasn't gone away by then. We'll take more x-rays and go from there.

Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me more about your ankylosing spondylitis? How it affects you and what your treatment is? I think my son's pain is in the lumbar area.