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I was diagnosed with SI joint dysfunction last March 2006 after a 90 day ordeal of right buttock pain, sciatic pain, and difficulty walking and inability to sit at all. This occurred after I bent over and couldnt stand up. It is now 11 months and I am still hurt. I couldnt sit at all , now I can sit more easily(after 6 months) but am now still in pain 24/7. I have hip and thigh pain, sciatica and move very slowly. The only way I am out of pain is laying flat and if the joint pps into the proper place. I spend my life in bed it seems, the pain has kept me from living a normal life.
My treatments have included antiinflammatorys tried two different ones Relafin, Piroxicam, and they did absolutely nothing. I have had three different
physical therapy courses and now do a home program. That doesnt help either. I had injectons that didnt help. My doctors who I have quit going to had no answers for me and didnt really seem to care. I gave up on seeking treatment 3 months ago for that reason.
My advise would be to get the proper diagnosis from the start as my symptoms worsened from the start. Find a doctor who knows what they are doing and who cares.
Good Luck