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My tailbone pain got bad when I started Pilates so I do core exercises on the exercise ball - it's still sore, but bearable. I'm taking piroxicam once a day for inflammation, but between my back, tailbone, and shoulder, I'm sure I need more :dizzy: I'm going to check on taking relafin again (dosage 500 mg 2x/day) for a while. When I mentioned the tailbone pain at my shoulder appointment, the surgeon just nodded his head. I looked up tailbone pain and got a hit for coccydynia - not sure if it's relevant or not, and you're not gonna like the treatment :eek:
Hello all. Hope everyone is having at least a so-so day :rolleyes: . One year huh Okie; maybe you just need another couple of months- don't give up yet - CTHU and I'm right behind you...:D

I'm taking elavil with the neurontin, plus walking everyday again and my feet feel much better (tailbone is still the same). I was depressed for a couple weeks and missed several days of walking. The work doctor reamed me out about "all" my meds (3x300 neurontin, 2 elavil, 1 piroxicam and a partridge in a pear tree! :D he even complained about 2 Tylenol PM). I tried taking Vicodin at night to help with shoulder pain, but doesn't help, so stopped it. He told me "no wonder you're depressed, with all THAT". Now I"m so pist, I"m not depressed anymore!

Tweaked my shoulder a few days ago but a few days of baby-ing it and it feels better...x-rays show a lot of swelling yet so too early to tell about rotator cuff damage. Haven't volunteered to help with the triathlon, maybe I'm over the depression (although I have GOT to stop driving to work over the bicycle course).

Going away with some friends to Cape May NJ for the weekend. Hope everyone has a good weekend.:wave: