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Hi all! I'm almost 1 year post-op PLIF L5-S1 and my main issues have been due to the SI joint...at 7 months P/O after a constant nagging pain on my right side (around my hardware, worse when I laid down - it felt like my hardware was catching) my doc did a cortisone injection in the SI joint (in-office). I started neurontin 3x300 for weakness in both legs at the same time. Relief within 24 hours (although the first few hours I felt like I was being "zapped" with electric shocks)

I'd had occasional pain in the left side that has been constant for the last month after walking a lot at work on concrete; most of you know I walk A LOT...1400 miles this year....My Physical Therapist (for my dislocated/broken shoulder) said it sounds like I've got too much movement in the SI joint - fusion patients usually have either too much or too little movement - since I am fused at L5-S1 and the "joint" is stretched out, it needs to be tightened.

A female SI joint is different than a males due to needing the pelvis to stretch to accomodate childbirth. I think he said that the higher up the fusion, the less movement there will be the SI joint. When it's at it's worst, every step I take is agony but seems to be better when I focus on sucking my gut in - I've been doing kegels and core exercises for about a week (I've been down for the count with the shoulder and just able to do some serious core work again). I also have the tailbone inflammation and my feet go numb after sitting; kera what is your "pelvic floor pain"? I take piroxicam (A/I) but it seems to be doing nothing. Sounds like I need something different, maybe good ol' Advil should be my next step....