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Hello and thanks for reading. So happy for you that you have such informed and knowledable medical proffessionals. My long story started about 21 months ago, when I bent over at work lifting a patient, sharp pain in right buttoccks, sciatic pain in r leg. I couldnt' stand at first, then when I did I couldn't bring my leg forward. As the day went on, the pain was excruciating, couldn't walk, sit, or think. Pain was horrible.Crying set in. I was at work so they told me to report to occupational medicine. The comp doctor said I had a lumbar strain. I said no, it doesn't hurt there, as the weeks went on I got worse, they never signed me out of work, was put on light duty, where I layed on the couch in the lounge crying(in the middle of a busy 200 person fast paced nursing unit) and I got PT(I worked at a physical therapy hospital.) I had weekly drs appts there and I begged them to sign me out of work, crying, they said I would lose my job if I didint come in. They really wore me down, and looking back I should have done things differently. Those drs at comp gave me piroxicam for pain, and skelaxin, and had tens at PT , couldn't do anything in pt for 6 weeks because of the pain. with no releif after 90 days of this bull.(when you go to a comp doctor you have to wait 90 days before you can see your ownn doctor if you want them to pay.) In the 1st 90 days I was told to go to a specialist comp ordered and that doctor said I didn't have anything wrong. LLstrain that will resolve on it own. They said I needed to go back to full duty and I saidno, I was hurt. They sent me for another evaluation where I was declared fit to work(a lie) I was sent home from my job with no pay when I said I couldnt do the work and was hurt. It started a big court fight to get care, I was sent home, no comp pay, but got my own doctor who said I had SI/Joint with piriformis syndrome. I got pt again at a new place and they focussed on abdominal exercises. The pt who specialized in si/joint said I didnt have piriformis syndrome. I was thinking, all these brains have their own ideas, but noone is helping me. It was a waste of time there because I couldn't do the exercises, my bones in that area crunched and when I told them , they looked at me like I was nuts. I still had 10+ pain, when they tried putting me on an elliptical trainer, I quit going there. My new PT did lumbar and abdominal exercises. He didn't think I had a piriformis problem either, I did leg bends and lifts for a si joint problem, 6 weeks I was still in pain. Another waste of time. No focus on the SI/Joint, even though that was my diagnosis, he said I had a twisted pelvis and atrophy of muscles. He did tens,also. He would stretch the r leg and do a piriformis stretch going past the point of pain, and thats when the hip pain set in. My six weeks was up there, and when I asked him why I am not cured he said he didnt know, ask your doctor, heehee. Guess he wasn't god after all. I was set home with home exercises, heehee after that. Anyway, I had a spine doctor do cortizone injections into the si joint, it caused abnormal menstrual bleeding and didn't relieve the butt pain. So we quit them. At this point I still had no pain releif, still couldnt sit, stand or walk, spent most of my days in bed crying. About a year after the onset, I went to a chiropractor my gp sent me to, he said injections rarely work and it is a horrible ordeal, so try this. The chiropractor was experienced with active release, works on deep tissue injury, after 6 visits, and unlocking hip flexers, and massage of butt and back of leg, my pain went downfrom a ten to a 5 then a 2 at rest. (The more movement I make the more pain I get) I smiled again for the first time ion a year. After 4 months more of decompression for a herniated disk,(he said I have one but it is a slight bulge at L5-S1) I began having left lumbar back pain, and couldn't lay flat,and left leg hotness. he said he thought decompression would help the si butt pain, and was sorry it didnt help.I asked why mu left side hurts and left leg is hotness with tingling, he said it could be due to a female issue,heehe) So I quit him and am now going to a pain management doctor, who didn''t give an anser to the left leg hotness and burning either. He wanted to do an epidural injections but zI insisted on finding out why I have pain in the butt and hip first. He thinks maybe I have tears in the hip. I am not getting epidurals to mask pain, so I doubt I will stay with this doc for long. I am looking for a cure right now. I had that MRI arthrogram today,awaiting results. I have also gone to a well known spine institute this week to get their view and they want a full body bone mri to see if si joint is really what I have and he gave me a refferrel to an interventional radiologists to do this ultrasound of the piriformis. On their website it says they go into a muscle, tendon to find a tear or injury, and with a needle activate the area(not sure if they inject anything yet to stimulate new collagen cells) So this is my next few months exams.He said this radiologist can diagnose piriformis syndrome through this ultrasound technique. To tell you the truth, ihave learned more on this site about this condition than any doctor or PT gave me. I know my chiropractor got me this far, to be able to abduct on the right again, and get rid of the sciatic pain, be able to sit at a 90 degree angle correctly, (even though the butt still hurts mildly) and to walk better. and decrease the bone crunching. That was the best treatment I got so far. I really think he repositioned the bones there. and adjusted the pelvis. I stopped Nsaids a long time ago because they didn't work anyway, good thing, huh! I am going to use tylenol as you say. Right now I only use pain patches and water helps a lot, going to a pool will relax the area and gives comfort. My comp case was ruined because mri 's and xrays didn't show proof of my injury, even the doctors didn't go ahead and try to help with the case. And my attorney was only for quick settlements, didn't advise me or try to postpone hearings and the like. I am still out of work, no income but I have family helping me. I am saving the information you just wrote because if I ever get back to PT, I am giving them a copy of the techniques, it seems it works better if you the patient tell the professionals what works. Thanks for listening to me, it is horrible to have something that interferes with normal life, I don't do the things I used to. I am starting to beleive this is a lifelong condition. You have a great day and thanks for listening. I have no one to talk to about this.......G