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I consider myself another success story 20 months post fusion l5-s1. I still have days where I'm in pain (the first day of that TOM always has me reaching for a single vicodin) but other than that I take 2-25 mg elavil, 2 or 3 neurontin (I hesitate to take them during my work hours since I want to curl up under my desk even after a year on it!) and 1 piroxicam. I still walk, usually 4.5 miles after work, maybe 1.5 miles during lunch time; and also doing some running/jogging to do a 5K run/walk/crawl/whatever in 2 weeks.

Just got back on the bike again last weekend....I was so afraid of it, I put it off for over a month. (Some on you know I took a header off my bike almost a year ago, 8 months after surgery and dislocated/broke my shoulder and tore my rotator cuff) My shoulder gives me way more trouble than my back. Once I get the 5K behind me, I'll decide about the Triathlon, and work on my shoulder to get it strong enough to do the kayak portion. I wear my back brace on the bike; too many dogs around to this day but at least I know where most of them are. but it only takes one :(

I also work full time at a new job I love....Sitting is the pits, but I get up every hour to stretch. And a bonus.....working in a hospital, I'm not far from medical care! (a small community hospital but they write off a certain amount of fees every year for employees, and you can't beat the pharmacy for great prices on meds!)

I agree with the lady who said it's good to keep busy; I know I feel terrible when I just lay around.....it's a long recovery, but it does happen. Take care all!!!:wave: