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Hi everyone,

Since the end of September I have been in some kind of rheumatic flare. I don't have a dx right now. First Rheumie said Lupus, second said Primary Sjorgrens, and now my current dr. has been doing the wait-and-see for a year now.

The flare I have been having has been primarily bad joint pain in my wrists, hands and first two sets of knuckles closest to my hands. My hips, knees, ankles, and feet and toes also hurt. I caught a cold in October and soon after had excruciating aching pain in my ankles and they hurt all the time. I wear sneakers to work because if I don't, the bottom of my feet hurt bad.

I also have fibromyalgia and Raynaud's and this cold weather has made things difficult. The frustration I am having is that I upped my Plaquenil back to 400 mg. a day and added an NSAID (Sulindac) and the pain would not go away. Then I called my Rheumie and she upped my dose of Sulindac by 50 mg. Three more weeks passed and there was no relief. She switched me to Piroxicam about 9 days ago and there is still no relief. I'm seeing her next Monday, but I am just sick of taking medicine that does not seem to be enough. My mother thought that maybe all this was the Fibromyalgia, but I assured her that I have had that for years and it never felt this bad.

Now I'm wondering if it is RA because I had a positive ANA and Rheumatoid Factor. I have also had a high Sed. Rate for years. Does anyone ever go a day without this type of pain? Why do these flares last so long? The first one I had last January lasted three months! Sorry for complaining, I just wonder if other medications should be considered so I can feel 35 again. Thank you for your input!:)