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My husband has been on Toprol XL 200 for several years. He also takes Accupril, an 81mg. aspirin, zocor(changed after several years on lipitor). Last week he had a TIA. Now they want him to add in Plavix and Norvasc. When he takes all the medications his pressure falls too low - one day it was 100/50. Doctor said we could try the medications at different times and halfing some of them. We are experimenting, but can't seem to hit the right combination. The Norvasc seems to bring down the bottom number. Currently we are trying 1/2 the Toprol in the morning with the Accupril and the aspirin, plus the plavix. Then 1/2 the norvasc in the afternoon and following it up with the zocor and the other 1/2 of the Toprol at night. Today the bottom number again went to the 60's. Tomorrow I plan on having him try 1/2 the accupril at a time also. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS OR ANY OF THE SAME EXPERIENCES. Doctors don't seem to have any guarantees and I'm not even sure any more which ones to ask. By the end of the month he will be seeing his Internist, Neurologist, Vascular Surgeon and a new Cardiologist. Who is the best expert here? PAST HISTORY - 2 HEART ATTACKS (STENTS), COLON CANCER (RESECTION & CHEMO) AND NOW THE TIA. HELP